DP/DashBoard Requirements
Enterprise Management System
Part #440
DP/DashBoard Requirements

DP/DashBoard must be installed on a Microsoft Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server, Windows 10, 8, or 7 with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) installed. All users accessing the DP/DashBoard are required to have a current version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. If all users accessing the DP/DashBoard are located within the same network and behind the same firewall, the installation may be done on the same server as the current accounting server, providing there are enough resources on the server (i.e. processor speed, memory and disk space).

If any users are to be accessing the DP/DashBoard from other locations (i.e. Branch Offices, Home Offices, Mobile Users), we recommend that the DP/DashBoard be installed on a separate server from the accounting server. Further, all remote connections to the DP/DashBoard should be made through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection for security purposes.

Infinity POWER Software Requirements

DP/DashBoard is highly integrated with a wide variety of Infinity POWER accounting modules. New and existing users should be aware that they must have installed all of the necessary Infinity POWER accounting modules for all DP/DashBoard features to be accessible. Otherwise, these features will simply not be available until these modules are purchased and/or installed.

* Below is a complete listing of the current modules that are necessary for all DP/DashBoard features to be accessible:

System Administrator (Either Part #100 - Standard Version or Part #695 - Client/Server SQL Version
Includes the required POWERServer, Advanced Security Administrator module and all Infinity COMMERCE web tools).
General Ledger (Part #101 - For Balance Sheet/Income Statement/Consolidation and GL Drilldown Features)
Accounts Payable (Part #102 - For Accounts Payable Agings, Transaction Reports with Drilldowns.)
Purchase Order Entry (Part #103 - For Sales & Purchasing options such as View Existing Purchase Order. Must have AP module for all Purchase Order functions to be available.)
Accounts Receivable (Part #104 - For Accounts Receivable Drill Downs, Agings, and Transactions Reports. It is also is required to use the Customer Support Management module that is included with the DP/DashBoard product. This is required for the Add/Change customer Setup Options and Support Tickler and Ticket Options.)
Manufacturing Inventory Management (Part #105 - For Inventory Item Inquiry, Sales Order, and Purchase Order options.)
Sales Order Entry (Part #106 - For Sales & Purchasing options such as View Existing Purchase Order. Must have AP module for all Purchase Order functions to be available.)
Payroll (Part #108 - For Time Sheet Entry Options. Required when utilizing the Time Sheet Entry options.)
Job Cost Main Module (Part #200 - Add/Change Job, Manage Job Detail, Job Income/Expense Report, Create PO from Job, and Enter Job Billing.)
Check Reconciliation (Part #270 - For Bank Statement Drill Down.)
Time Sheet Entry (Part #271 - For Time Sheet Entry Options. Must have Payroll module to utilize this feature.)
Customer Support Management (Part #275 [Included with DP/DashBoard] - For Customer Support features.)
DP/AUTO Event Triggering System (Part #450 - Starting with Version 7.1, the "CalendarAlerts” script sends an email notification of upcoming calendar events scheduled in DP/DashBoard and the “CalendarWorksheet” script emails a daily worksheet of calendar events and pending tasks.)

Infinity POWER with the POWERServer module may be installed on any of the currently supported operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10, 8,or 7, Windows Server 2008 or 2012. The Infinity POWER accounting system can be installed with any of our supported databases which include support for FoxPro, dBase IV, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008. All networks must support a TCP/IP-based network protocol.

If you have any questions, please call Data Pro Sales at 727-803-1500 and they will be glad to answer any questions.