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Real Time Mobile Scanning Software
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The DP/SCAN Data Pro Accounting Software's DP/SCAN is a special software application written specifically by Data Pro Accounting Software to run on a wide range of handheld bar code scanning devices that support the “Windows Mobile” operating system.

There are several “types” of devices that support the Windows Mobile operating system. You may choose from many other brands and models in which to use the DP/SCAN software products.

It is mandatory that whatever device you use, it MUST support “wireless networking” and have access to your accounting server where the Infinity POWER programs are installed. This program specifically DOES NOT support “batch processing” of physical counts. Therefore, if your intention is to send a user out into a warehouse or on to a truck remotely where there is no access to an integrated wireless network, you WILL NOT be able to use the DP/SCAN software application.

This product is specifically designed to function as if it is another user connected directly to your accounting system operating in “REAL TIME.” When the software reads from any data files, it is looking at the latest version of the data files as they may exist at any moment in time.

The benefits of using DP/SCAN are significant in time savings and for allowing significant ease of use in “cycle counts” and insuring that your inventory valuations are more accurate than ever! Without a timely process of counting inventory and processing receipts of inventory, many companies quickly lose their grip on a moving target. The result can be a high loss of inventory and write-downs that could easily be avoided.

The functionality of what it is being done through DP/SCAN can be performed directly in the various Infinity POWER software products.

Currently, there are three key “warehouse” functions from three different and important transaction processing accounting modules:
  • Record Shipments (Sales Order Entry)
  • Record Receipts (Purchase Order Entry)
  • Enter New Physical Quantities (Inventory Management)

Every installation of the Infinity POWER accounting software allows for multiple companies to be installed and run from a single instance of the software. As such, when you are ready to run DP/SCAN, you need to configure the DP/SCAN software so it knows which “company” to communicate to and where to find its data.

The company’s data files are represented by the three (3) character alpha/numeric code used when the data files are created.

Every office or warehouse can be configured differently using open or closed networks, with or without, security involved. Depending on how your IT managers have configured your local area network, you need to first connect the bar code scanner to the wireless network before you can proceed.

The vehicle that DP/SCAN uses to communicate by is the Data Pro module called POWERServer which is included in the Infinity POWER Advanced Accounting Software products (Version 7.3 and higher). If you have a version of the software that is earlier than this version release, it will be necessary to upgrade your software first before proceeding with this installation. The POWERServer and the Advanced Security Administrator module both must be installed and operational prior to configuring DP/SCAN. You cannot use the “Standard” security feature found within the Infinity POWER software and integrate with the DP/SCAN software. You MUST have the “Advanced” version of the Security Administrator implemented, which incorporates specific users and groups with passwords.

Both of these applications are required for the communication between DP/SCAN to the accounting data files to occur. Whatever user name and password that is used to configure the POWERServer module is what will be used in the configuration of DP/SCAN.

The “Username” and “Password” have to be identical to what has been defined in the POWERServer master configuration. This will allow the device to communicate in “real-time” with the accounting software data files for the specific three (3) character Company ID you have entered. Keep in mind, that if you want to use the scanner for multiple companies, you may simply change the Company ID and the Username and Password, if they are different on a company by company basis.

Normally, multiple companies would be hosted on the same server and as a result you wouldn’t need to change the POWERServer Hostname or Port #. If the data files are located, though, on a different server, then that would be required.

DP/SCAN Inventory Counts ScreenCOUNT
For many users, the most important and primary reason for purchasing DP/SCAN is to use the “COUNT” function for scanning or “counting” the current physical quantities. Whether in a warehouse or a truck, this option will verify that the amounts “on hand” for inventory items are the same amounts currently reflected as the “perpetual amount” calculated by the Infinity POWER Inventory Management software.

This will provide you with the same functionality as the “COUNT” option within DP/SCAN. It does not replace the ability to “Print Count Sheets,” manually go and count items and enter them directly into the system through the Infinity POWER Inventory Management software. With DP/SCAN, you can count one item at a time by selecting an item scanning it with a default Quantity of “1.”

Or, you can scan one item and enter a “total quantity” for the item that has been scanned. In this case, for example, you may be scanning a “bin label” and manually counting the smaller quantity of items in a bin and simply entering the “total quantity” of the items in the bin for the scanned item.

The “SHIPPING” option located on the main menu is designed to handle the daily transaction flow of actions that move through the warehouse and allow them to generate transactions immediately into the accounting system wirelessly from where they are located.

The “Record Shipments” option in the Sales Order Entry module allows warehouse staff to inform the accounting department which items on an outstanding “Sales Order” have actually been boxed up/packaged and “shipped” out the door. Therefore, this option allows the warehouse staff to choose the Sales Order Number and the specific inventory items on a Sales Order that have been shipped and “record” those items as “shipped,” which means that they are now ready for “invoicing.” By performing this step remotely in the warehouse, no one has to wait on paper work to arrive before the “invoicing” function can take place.

When you purchase DP/SCAN, Data Pro Accounting Software will provide your firm at no additional charge the additional white paper versions of the “Sales Order” and “Packing List” forms that will now include the printing of bar codes on the actual forms. This feature requires a “LaserJet” type of printer.

When you print a copy of the Sales Order you will see that it now includes Bar Codes where you have the Sales Order Number and for all items numbers. By using the modified form, it significantly enhances the ability to streamline the data entry process for the warehouse user utilizing the DP/SCAN software.

DP/SCAN Sales Order with bar codesRECEIVING
The “Record Receipts” option allows just the opposite to happen in that the warehouse staff is immediately allowed to “receive” inventory stocks into inventory from Purchase Orders. This function will allow for the immediate “increasing” of the “on-hand” quantities of items that have been ordered through the Purchase Order Entry module.

Likewise, the “Quantity On-Order” amounts will automatically be reduced in the Purchase Order Entry module when an item is scanned and received into the system.

The on-hand quantities in the Inventory Management module will be immediately increased as soon as they are scanned as “received.” This can be very beneficial to firms to immediately know that they have received items into stock regardless of whether or not they have received the invoice from their vendor for payment. The accounting department can still go into the Infinity POWER Purchase Order Entry module when the actual invoice arrives and “voucher” the invoice for payment to match up to the items that have already been “received” by using the DP/SCAN utility.

When you purchase DP/SCAN, Data Pro Accounting Software will provide your firm at no additional charge the additional white paper versions of the “Purchase Order” forms that will now include the printing of bar codes on the actual forms. This feature requires a “LaserJet” type of printer.

When you print a copy of the Purchase Order you will see that it includes Bar Codes where you have the Purchase Order Number.

View Data Sheet (PDF file)

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