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Harvey Shipping Software Computerized Parcel System - CPSTM
(Multi-Carrier Shipping System/Infinity POWER Integration)
The Computerized Parcel System - (CPSTM) software from Harvey Software, is fully integrated with Data Pro's Infinity POWER Sales Order Entry module and allows the calculation and posting of freight charges, tracking numbers, shipping addresses and more using UPS, Federal Express and the United States Postal Service. This specialized utility "requires" the customized "Harvey CPS Integration Scripts" (DP/AUTO Scripts) and Data Pro's DP/AUTO, communicating directly with the advanced Infinity POWER POWERServer module to continually "poll" the Sales Order file to determine when new Sales Orders have been added to the system so that they may immediately be added to the software files and readied for shipping.

In addition, instead of users having to "re-key" the customer's address information into the system as is now required, the CPSTM software automatically transfers the LATEST shipping address information for each order to the system.

A simple menu option executed prior to performing End-Of-Day will automatically transfer the "UPS Tracking Numbers" and "Shipping Charges" along with the method of shipment (UPS, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and USPS) to the "notes feature" on each specific Sales Order in the Sales Order Entry module allowing for accurate and real time invoicing charges to the customers.

There can even be multiple shipments and tracking numbers per Sales Order. Better yet, the CPSTM software even allows Merchants to transfer freight charges at their normal straight rates or mark them up at a Fixed Dollar Amount (i.e. add $2 per shipment automatically) or by a Percentage Markup (i.e. add 10% to the freight amounts). These additional charges will then be added to the Sales Order's freight amount.

(Customized Harvey CPS Integration scripts, Integrated Weigh Scales and Universal Bar Code Printers sold separately)

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