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DPROCloud Have you ever heard the story of the business owner who calls up one day and says "my server just crashed its hard drive?" We have!

You know what the next question from us is? We're sure you had a backup right? Well……

Things you never want to hear in life:

  • My IT person said we did.
  • I have a Tape Drive on the system but it didn't work.
  • I have never tested the backup system to try and restore data from it.
  • I have never made a backup of my accounting data.
  • The Tornado destroyed everything.
  • My Bookkeeper left with everything and I don't know where any of it is.

If you don't think we haven't heard these things and more over the last 30 years, think again. Worst of all, we have so many companies that hire IT staff and firms who don't know what they are doing on behalf of their clients to support a real accounting solution. Many don't manage very well with things like e-mail, IIS Servers and a whole host of everything else. It is our number one support challenge.

That's why DPROCloud. We have lots of existing Data Pro Accounting Software customers who have a wide range of Infinity POWER accounting and Infinity COMMERCE e-commerce modules that are better off being managed and hosted by us. If you have a good "local administrator" or solid "IT Firm" who understands network security, IIS Servers, e-mail configurations and more, then keep what you have.

If not, then there is the DPROCloud! You get your own "dedicated private cloud server" where only you are hosted on a special dedicated server just for you! No other companies, or users, are shared on the same server.

That's because Data Pro's Infinity POWER and Infinity COMMERCE modules have too many features that require their own dedicated Windows processes and can't be shared on the same server with another company.

Therefore, when you look at it, it is worth the $150 per month to:

  • Not have to keep purchasing a new Dedicated Windows Server all of the time.
  • Have access to your dedicated DPROCloud server from anywhere in the world 24 hours per day, Seven (7) days per week!
  • Know that every night your Accounting Software programs, Security Data Files and Accounting Data Files are automatically "backed up" so you can never lose your data.
  • Have all of the latest Data Pro Accounting Software "updates" applied automatically every month.
  • Have a qualified support group manage all of the administration of Adding, Changing and Deleting "Users" and "User Groups" in the Advanced Security Administrator to insure your company's data is properly protected.
  • Have the developers of your primary software application (Data Pro Accounting Software) configure and manage your accounting software and e-commerce applications on demand.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you can also make your own "personal" backups of your accounting programs and data files to your own local PC or Server (daily, weekly and/or monthly) in addition to the automatic backups made by the DPROCloud server.
  • Have a secure "outward facing" SSL Security Certificate in place so that only your desired users can gain access to the options and data you choose to make available to them.
  • Choose to install a full DP/STORE shopping system to the "outside" world allowing your customers to shop securely from your web-store with full credit card processing and direct integration to your Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Entry modules. No re-keying of orders that are placed on the web by your customers, their orders are automatically entered into your Sales Order Entry module ready to be processed or edited!
  • Choose to install a full DP/DashBoard "intranet" system that allows your field technicians and outside sales force to process Sales/Work Orders securely from their choice of device (i.e. Tablet, iPad, Laptop, Smartphone) with full credit card processing and direct integration to your Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Sales Order Entry modules. By installing DP/DashBoard on the DPROCLOUD, you now get an "unlimited" number of "web-based users" with access to your system with "no additional fees" for user counts!
  • Allow your staff to perform inquiries on Customers and Inventory Items without logging into the Windows accounting software directly!
  • Allow the same staff to "clock" in and out through the Time Sheet Entry web options to record their normal Payroll hours and/or allocate their time to different Departments and/or Jobs! All information flows directly to Payroll and/or the Job Cost Main Module at the same time, or separately, if you need to perform "Job Invoicing" at different times!
  • Have the latest Windows updates applied to your server at all times.
  • Be able to deploy integrated third party applications such as F9 Financial Report Writer for Excel, WorthIT Fixed Assets, UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager on your dedicated DPROCloud server.

DPROCloud Dedicated Servers include one (1) Infinity POWER windows user for $150 per month.
Additional windows users are $21 per month.
DP/Dashboard users on a browser are FREE and UNLIMITED.
One-Time Initial Setup Fee of $495.

Infinity POWER and Infinity COMMERCE software licenses sold separately.

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If you don't remember your login, call Data Pro Sales at 1-800-237-6377 and one of our Account Managers will be happy to answer your questions and get you set up right away.



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