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Product Information
Infinity POWER & Infinity COMMERCE Infinity POWER is the product group name of Data Pro Accounting Software’s advanced accounting software modules. Designed to provide an easy to use, but highly flexible, core accounting system for a wide range of businesses, Infinity POWER delivers!

Unique in the way these products are created, Infinity POWER allows business owners and managers alike the capability of defining how each user within their organization will utilize their products. For instance, those users preferring a Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) based user interface can easily share the same data files as those users who prefer a more data entry efficient character-based version of the same product (Windows Character-based).

  • System Administrator (Standard or SQL) - One Required Per System
    (FoxPro/dBase IV/Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 - 10 User License - All Modules - Includes: Advanced Security Administrator, POWER Upgrade Utility, Menu Editing Tool, Forms Generator and Infinity COMMERCE which features the POWERServer and Advanced E-Commerce Technology)
  • General Ledger
    (with Advanced Budgeting & Financial Report Writer)
  • Accounts Payable
    (with Vendor Management, Check Writing and EFT Processing)
  • Purchase Order Entry
    (with Purchasing Management and On-Order Tracking)
  • Accounts Receivable
    (with Customer Management, Invoicing and EFT Processing)
  • Manufacturing Inventory Management
    (with Standard Inventory Control, Manufacturing Processing, Job Shop Integration, Bar Coding and Sales Analysis)
  • Sales Order Entry
    (with Batch Order Processing, Invoicing with Backorder Tracking)
  • Point of Sale
    (with Electronic Bank Draft Capture and Cash Drawer Control)
  • Payroll
    (with Employee Management, Check Writing and Direct Deposit)
  • Job Cost Main Module
    (with Project Cost Controls, Construction Billing Management and Work Order Control)
  • Check Reconciliation
    (with Cash Management and EFT Processing)
  • Time Sheet Entry
    (with Direct Integration to Payroll and Time Clock Interface)
  • Customer Support Management
    (with Warranty Tracking and Call Center Billing)
  • Custom Report Writer
    (Interfaces with All Modules)
  • Report Writer Runtime
    (Interfaces with All Modules)
    (Color-Customizable Integrated Shopping Cart Template and Web Site Builder)
  • DP/DashBoard
    (Enterprise Management System)
    (Event Triggering System)
    (Real Time Mobile Scanning Software)
    (Credit Card Payment Server)
    (Data Conversion Utility)

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